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Mt Eliza Netball Club enables all members to strive to achieve their best through fostering a love of Netball in a safe, fun, family-friendly, and supportive community, inclusive of all ages & abilities.

Mount Eliza Netball Club History

MENC was founded in 1968 and was initially known as Mt Eliza Basketball Club. For a period, it was a part of Mornington Netball Club but in 1985 the Club returned to the Frankston and District Netball Association (FDNA) where it remains, now playing at Jubilee Park. 

MENC is one of the largest netball clubs on the Mornington Peninsula, with well-over 20 teams of boys and girls from NetSetGo though to Open Division, playing in the Winter Competition. 

MENC continues to be a leader in including all children in playing netball, with boys being players at the Club from the early 2000s. In keeping with Netball Victoria’s Male Participation Policy and Gender Regulation Policy, MENC strives to be accessible and inclusive for all children at a Junior level. 

As an organisation, MENC is governed by the policies of its umbrella organisations which are the Frankston District Netball Association (FDNA) and Netball Victoria (NV).

MENC is traditionally strongly represented in the Finals for the Winter Season at FDNA. However, in keeping with our Mission Statement, we aim to cater for everyone who wishes to play netball, from those who want to pursue a place on a Representative team to those who simply want to have competitive, active fun with friends. 

Ultimately, MENC is a grass-roots club focused on fostering a love of netball together with a strong sense of community and participation.

Mt Eliza Netball Club enables all members to strive to achieve their best through fostering a love of Netball in a safe, fun, family friendly and supportive community, inclusive for all ages & abilities.

2024 Committee Members

President -
Nicole Van den Dungun
Vice President -
Sarah Goodrick
Secretary -
Katrina O'Carroll
Treasurer -
Kate Gamble
Coach Coordinator -
Amy Polley
Umpire Coordinator -
Jo Dellow
Registrations Coordinator - Sarah Watson
Property Coordinator - 
Clare and Dan Parks
Fund Raising Sponsorship
Uniform Coordinator -
Jacqui Gourdoulis
Website  Social Media - 

Life Members

(10 years + service)


Sandie McIntyre

Michelle Sherlock

Barb Wilson

Jackie Sherlock

Rhonda Coombes

Lyn McLeod

Robyn Cracknel

Ronnie Croaker

Wendy Gleeson

Rhonda Fegent

Robyn Tansley

Kristen Bellsmith

Jodi Mann

Anne Westmoreland

Kym McKenzie

Kerrie McMillan

Jeff Quiggan

Sue Quiggan

Mel Simmons

Services to MENC

(5 years + service)

Lorna Harrison

Barb Smith

Sue Voss

Dot Mace

Ross Horridge

Steve George

Julie Duncan

Michelle Moncrieff

Judy Hilleard

Sam Collyer

Andrea Henderson

Adel Peterson

Jo Dellow

Nicole van den Dungen

Tracey Heard

Gabbie Ramsey

Megan Thripp

Greg Cunnington

Kris Anderson

Sue Cook

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