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Mount Eliza Netball Training 

Training is an important part of developing players’ netball skills as well as developing cohesion as a team.

  • Attendance at weekly training is expected of all players in NSG up to 17&U. Players at the A/Ares level from 13&U to 17&U are expected to commit to weekly training sessions. 

  • Any player unable to train must inform their coach beforehand as a courtesy, so they can adjust their session accordingly. Please communicate with your coach and make sure they have current contact details. If players have an ongoing clash with training such as another sport, homework club, employment etc., please have a conversation with the coach so that a mutually satisfactory arrangement can be reached. 

  • Our teams currently train at the Club courts located behind the Community Centre in Howard Parker Reserve, Mount Eliza and at the Mount Eliza Secondary College. 

  • Please ensure that players arrive at training with the correct footwear and a full drink bottle. The correct footwear to play netball in, is runners or sneakers– these shoes give the right amount of support to minimise the risk of injury. If a player arrives at a training session or game with incorrect footwear e.g. school shoes, they will not be able to participate. No responsibility will be taken for any injuries sustained with incorrect footwear.

  • Our coaches assume a duty of care to your child in your absence which they take seriously- please support them and make it as easy as possible.

  • Open Age groups train independently at their discretion. 

  • The cancellation of training due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, and communication of this, is at the discretion of the individual coach. If the weather is inclement on a training day, please have a contingency plan in mind for your player should training be canceled. 



MONDAY.            Under 17s.     4-5 pm

TUESDAY.           Under 15s.     4-5 pm


WEDNESDAY    Under 13s.      4-5 pm


THURSDAY        Under 11s       4-5 pm


FRIDAY               NSG                4-5 pm



* Please note that training times may alter due to coaches and court availability

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