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Come Coach With Us 

New program, new support crew... fun on and off the court..

Like our players, our coaches are the heart and soul of our netball community. 

We value our coaches and are looking to learn and improve with our coaching support infrastructure in season 202.

Putting teams together last year was no easy feat and we are hoping that the season ahead we will be able to continue the great work from previous years and fill our coaching roster/support network to ensure all those wanting to play netball for Mount Eliza are able to be placed in a team with a coach.

Coaching is fun!  And we are always looking for more people willing to be coaches as our club continues to grow.

Our coaches are a mix of parents, senior players, and independent coaches. Some are new to coaching, some are experienced, some are accredited.


Whatever your personal circumstance, should you like to coach, our coaching co-ordinator Sarah Goodrick and her crew of coaching assistants are here to help.  


We encourage and support all our players with courses and practical skills to move into a coaching role as we believe it builds leadership, community spirit and furthers their own netball skills.

For more information on joining our team including what age group and time slots would suit you best, 

Please contact our Coaching Coordinator Nadia via email: 

Register your interest to coach in season 2024

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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